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Your neighborhood Fortis Institute in 斯克兰顿, PA

Offering a variety of 教育 programs in 护理, 医疗, 牙科, healthcare and 商业 driving..

Fortis Institute in 斯克兰顿
灰街517号 斯克兰顿, PA 18509 (570) 558-1818

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  • Fortis Institute in 斯克兰顿, PA: Your Gateway to Essential Careers

    At Fortis Institute in 斯克兰顿,我们的 team is committed to guiding students in northeast PA to fulfilling careers in vital sectors such as CDL 商业 driving, 护理, and healthcare as well as the skilled trades in 暖通空调 and refrigeration.   Fortis uses a blended learning approach w在这里 traditional classroom instruction is enriched by hands-on skill-building labs and externships. Our experienced faculty helps students to “learn by doing” so they look forward to graduating with the knowledge, 信心, and practical expertise that employers would value in new 员工s. 

    Career Opportunities Northeast 宾西法尼亚 in 护理 and 医疗保健 

    As the healthcare sector continues to expand in PA, Fortis Institute in 斯克兰顿 offers relevant programs in 医疗 assisting, 牙科协助, 牙科 hygiene and practical 护理.  With continual 医疗 advances and an aging population in the US, t在这里 is solid demand for entry-level 员工s in these career fields.  A Fortis 教育 focuses on developing clinical skills, and the 职业服务 team works with students approaching graduation to schedule interviews with local employers.  On your campus visit, ask about the placement rates for our graduates. 

    宾西法尼亚 Commercial Truck Drivers and 暖通空调 Technicians 

    宾西法尼亚ns have always prided themselves on hard work, customer service and attention to detail.  这些软技能对于在熟练行业和CDL商业驾驶中取得成功至关重要.  With a Fortis 教育, 毕业生可以培养必要的动手技能,以补充他们的职业道德.  With cold winters and humid summers in PA, 整个拉克万纳县都需要熟练的暖通空调安装人员和机械师, Luzerne county and across the state.  卡车司机维系着美国经济的发展,而富通正在帮助填补老年司机退休后的需求.  At Fortis Institute, 学生可以接受培训,成为一名在公路上驾驶卡车的商业司机, regionally and locally. 

    Go Back To School to Jumpstart your Career

    Fortis Institute in 斯克兰顿 offers classes on a year round schedule.  我们的重点是实践学习,而不是不必要的通识教育课程, 富通的教师帮助毕业生发展工作技能,以完成他们的课程,并比他们进入传统的四年制大学或社区学院更快地进入劳动力市场.  采取下一步行动,今天联系富通在宾夕法尼亚州东北部的职业培训


    In our skilled trade programs, you will learn the knowledge and hands-on skills that will allow you to make a difference doing something you love to do. 我们的综合技能行业课程将传统的课堂教学与情境和实践学习经验相结合,为学生的入门级职位做好准备.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 预计在未来十年,医疗保健和医疗行业的就业机会将会增加, due in part to our aging population and increased need for healthcare. 富通提供各种医疗和保健培训计划来帮助满足这一需求.

    Message from the 校园 President

    Welcome to the Fortis Family! I am grateful that you chose Fortis for your training and 教育.  The team at Fortis looks forward to helping you reach your goals in whichever field you have chosen. Start with the end in mind, see yourself walking the stage at graduation and in your new career; and you will succeed!

    Licensure and Certification

    以下课程可能需要执照或认证才能获得就业. Please find your program of interest to determine if the program meets the 教育al requirements for licensure or 认证 in your state.